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Dean Salman Photography
Dean Salman Photography
Dean Salman Photography
Dean Salman Photography

I have always enjoyed the great scenery of America that the Lord has created for us to enjoy. As a serious amateur photographer, I have created this Website to share my photography with others.

I have over 50 years of experience in astronomical and over 20 years in nature photography. Many photographs have been published in astronomical magazines, books, and publications. In addition, some of my nature photography have also been presented in art shows and convention displays. All my astronomical photography was using a CCD camera to image nebula, galaxies, and clusters. For the nighttime sky such as the milky way, I use a DSLR camera on the tracker to take long timed exposures.  Most of my photography are close ups and insects, bees being my favorite.  They can be a challenge to get that perfect photograph and sometimes spend hours on the site to wait for the best conditions to photograph. 



Entomology has become a new hobby of mind and during the past year I have changed my focus to insect photography.  I will spend a lot of time in the field photographing different insects small and large.  When I take my equipment out the first thing, I will do is spend time just scouting out the area.  Once I locate a subject and setup my camera, I look for different positions to photograph the subject.  Many times, I will even sit with a tripod for a long time just waiting for that perfect window of time went everything is just right to take a great photograph. 


Astronomical Software Tutorials 

I have been working with remote observatories for over 15 years and have extensive skills in this area.  This includes much of the software being using these days.  People contact me and I usually have the answers they are looking for.   I have created these YouTube videos to help others get started, there are a lot of settings that sometimes are difficult to find and get things working well.   Astronomy Tutorials

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