Hummingbird Photography
Hummingbird Photography

Hummingbirds are one of my favorite birds to photograph.  These birds have a lot f rich color and move fast which makes the photography a little more difficult.  They are birds of habit, so I have found just sitting and watching them teaches me how they act.  I notice that they are most active in the early morning just after sunrise

Planning My Day

When I am planning to do hummingbird photography, I do usually leave early in the morning with my Canon 6D ii full frame camera or the Canon 90D crop camera.  I prefer the 90D because the exposures per second is faster.  This is important because the small bird flies so fast, it is hard to time that perfect shot.

When photographing hummingbirds on a perch, I will use a flash so I can use a lower ISO and a faster shutter speed.   I put a diffuser on the flash to soften the light and prefer to be on a tripod which a gimbal attached because it is a more stable setup, but I can move fast to a subject that lands.  Also,  have learned that a hummingbird will usually come back to the same perch after flying away.  Because the birds sit for a short time, I can use the Canon 90D.

To capture a bird in flight, I used the larger full frame camera with a flash.   I usually set a high ISO and f-stop around F16.  Then set the shutter speed at least 1/1600 second.   The best approach that works for me is to observe the flowers the birds like and focus on that flower until the hummingbird returns. 

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