Insect Portfolio
Insect Portfolio

The world of insects is amazing and offers photographers small subjects with amazing details and color.  There are many spices out there some quite large and others so small it takes magnification to even see them.  I have become extremely interested in insect photography lately and in some sense, it is not easy to get that perfect shot.  What I enjoy about this kind of photography is capturing what most people never see.  When a bee flies by, most people do not even think about it.  Photographers want to bring the small insect to real life size that fills the field of view.  

Planning the Day

When I am ready to focus on insects, the time of day is somewhat important because bees are very common to see out there a couple of hours after sunrise,  From my experience that is the best time of day.  Wind can be a issue when blowing fairly hard because there is too much movement.  

I usually use my Canon 90D and the Canon 180 macro with a soft flash system.  However, when the subject is too high or too far away from be this is when I used my Canon 100-400 lens.  The flash prevents unwanted shadows and provides nice lighting for the photo.  I use a tripod most of the time with a Gimbal to move fast and capture my shot.  One thing a photographer should do is just leave the camera in the bag and just observe.  Learning how insects move around and the nature of their activities has help me a lot to know when to press the shutter.


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