Landscape Portfolio
Landscape Portfolio

The Landscape Photography God has given us is beautiful that adds rich color and scenery with amazing contrast and details.  Sometimes created with a setting sun, after a cool winter snow, or creations of time make good landscapes.  I enjoy this kind of photography the most because there is so many types of landscapes.  Usually, a wide angle lens works very well. However, a telephoto lens yields some wonderful photographs with rich detail.  Panoramas gives a great personal view of the scenery.  Planning and thinking is what photography is all about the photos I wish to capture.  Many times I have scouted a location keeping in mind when to return under the best lighting conditions.

Planning the Day

When I am planning my photography for landscapes, I look at the weather, the time of day, and sky conditions.   I have found that any good sky condition has a mixed array of clouds or even storm clouds in some case.  The time of day is especially important because a high sun midday has no good color tones.  Late in the afternoon or early in the morning creates great color and shadows produce some really good results.  When I do go out for this kind pf photography, I use my full frame camera and a couple of lenses.   The favorite is the Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 iii which comes in handy with low light.  The other lens I will use is my telephoto Canon 100-400 F/4-5.6 ii because it brings distant mountains in closer while focusing on a subject.

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