Panorama Photography
Panorama Photography

Panoramas is quite common these days and mostly done by people using a photo.   The nice thing I like about panoramas is giving the viewer a feeling of being there.   I do landscape panoramas but also focus on the subject when close.  I used a shift tilt lens in the past which makes it easier to do panoramas, but the software today does a great job stitching the photographs into one panorama.

With the Canon 24 F/3.5 shift tilt lens I used a tripod and made sure everything was perfectly leveled.  Now I use a tripod which is still leveled and a regular lens.   When I start shooting the photos, I move only about 50% and then take the next shot.  This makes it much easier to build the panorama without much warping by the process.

Post Processing

I use Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop to do my post processing.   I spend most of the time in Lightroom Classic and move to Photoshop as needed.  There are a few plugins I used to help in Photoshop which include Luminar 4 and Topaz.    I always use what is called a smart object in Photoshop before using filters so I can use a mask to only allow what was needed by the filter.  I find that plugins do more than what is needed and the smart object controls that.

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